Hunde, Katzen, Fische und Andere

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Angaben zur Betreuung

Mögliche zu betreuende Tierarten -Hunde, Katzen, Fische und Andere
Betreuungs-Erfahrung -1 Jahr
Qualifikationen -Referenzen vorhanden
Gewünschter Stundenlohn -CHF 20.00
Kostenloser Probeeinsatz -Ja

Persönliche Beschreibung

To say that I love pets means to say almost nothing. I always wanted to have two big dogs in my house and I still think I can do that. My mom has an allergy for any pets so I could not have ones when I was a child. But in spite of that I have some experience in taking care of cats, dogs, fish and bunnies. My uncle has a big black German shepherd (8 years old) and I like to play with him a lot and stay for weeks when the uncle is away.
So to sum up, I would be very happy to take care of any pets because they are our best friends who always can help and from whom we get so much energy to live.

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