Hunde, Katzen, Kleine Säugetiere und Andere

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Angaben zur Betreuung

Mögliche zu betreuende Tierarten -Hunde, Katzen, Kleine Säugetiere und Andere
Betreuungs-Erfahrung -3 Jahre
Gewünschter Stundenlohn -CHF 15.00
Kostenloser Probeeinsatz -Nein

Persönliche Beschreibung

Hi there!

My name is Jess from the UK, and I am currently studying German in Luzern. I have a lot of afternoon time and would love to spend my time hanging out with some cool creatures! I love animals company, however in my current flat I am not allowed a pet unfortunately. I have owned pets up until moving to Switzerland. I would like to start training as a vet in the near future. I see this platform as a valuable way to spend my time in the outdoors, getting my dose of furry friends whilst helping others who cannot spend their full day with their pet!

I am happy to answer any questions!

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