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Cat sitting 25-26 December in Jona

8645 Jona Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cats Holly and Cleo in 8645 Kiebitzstrasse, Jona over the Christmas holidays, 25-26 December, as well as from January 13-15. They need feeding once a day as well as cleaning their litter tray,…

Looking for a catsitter in Nuolen

8855 Nuolen Cat
Our lovely cats Leo & milu needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with cat care? My boyfriend and I are going on holiday From 05.08.2022 To 22.08.2022. We need Someone Who can visit out cats at least one hour per day. We live in 8855 Nu…

Looking for a catsitter in Gossau ZH

8625 Gossau ZH Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 8625 Gossau ZH with our cat Coxy. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? This job takes 8-10 hours to be completed. It will be required occasionally, starting on 20.07.2022. I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Catsitter needed in Rüti

8630 Rüti Cat
Erfahrene Katzen Sitter gesucht in Rüti von dem 02. August für tägliches vorbeikommen während den Ferien. Jeder Besuch nimmt eine Stunde in Anspruch. Es geht um 2 Hauskatzen mit den Namen Püskül und Tofu die täglich Trocken futter, Wasser und Katzen …

Catsitter needed in Stäfa

8712 Stäfa Cat
I am looking for somebody who can support with our cat called Muskot. The job is to be done in 8712 Stäfa. Help is needed on an occasional basis, starting on 14.04.2022 and for 2 hours each time. Are you a real cat-lover? Don’t hesitate to contact me…

Looking for a catsitter in Altendorf

8852 Altendorf Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cat Happy and louis in 8852 Altendorf. Do you have experience with cat care? The job needs to be done on a regular basis, for 1 hour per day and from 29.04.2022 onwards. Please check the table…

Catsitter needed in Galgenen

8854 Galgenen Cat
Meet our cat Simba. I am looking for somebody who supports me with cat care in 8854 Galgenen. If you are interested, I will be very happy to hear from you.

Looking for a catsitter in Siebnen

8854 Siebnen Cat
Our lovely cats Xany und yuri needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with cat care? Help is required starting from 03.10.2021 and for 7 hours per week. Weekdays and hours which are possible are marked in the table. We will try to find a t…

Catsitter needed in Nuolen (Wangen)

8855 Nuolen (Wangen) Cat
Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after Leo and Milu, our cats, for two and a half weeks in August. We live in 8855 Nuolen (Wangen). Do you have experience with cat care? Help is needed from 05.08.2022 until 22.05.2022, you can drop in once a …

Catsitter needed in Wald

8636 Wald Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cats Bailey and bradley in 8636 Wald. Do you have experience with cat care? The job will start on 28.06.2021 until 10.07.2021 and needs to be done from time to time. Each work assignment will …

Catsitter needed in Zug

6300 Zug Cat
Hello everyone. We are a family of three, my husband, Gretuska our cat and I. Gretu (as we call her) is 8 years old, and we are looking for someone who comes for around two hours when we are on short weekend trips. Later in the year, we would like to…

Looking for a catsitter in Wald ZH

8620 Wetzikon ZH Cat
I just need someone to feed the cats on Friday 03.06. in the evening at 6 p.m. and on Saturday morning 04.06. feeding them at 07:00.
The order starts on Friday 03.06. at 6:00 p.m.
The two cats are already old. I’m glad for a brief instruct…

Catsitter needed in Stäfa

8712 Stäfa Cat
I am looking for somebody who can support with our cat called Czuczu. The job is to be done in
glärnischstrasse 30c Stäfa. Help is needed for 1 visit a day from 21.12.22 to 06.01.23. Don’t hesitate to contact me.
WhatsApp: …

Cat sitting

8636 Wald Cat
Wir haben zwei schöne Sibirische Katzen. Wir reisen ein paar Mal im Jahr und brauchen einen Petsitter, der sich um sie kümmert. Wir wohnen in Hischwil in Wald, daher benötigen Sie ein Fahrzeug, um das Haus zu erreichen. Hi,
we have…

Cat sitting while on holiday

8808 Pfäffikon Cat
Hi! My wife and I have 2 amazing kittens: Ava and Eva that are almost 5 years old. They are very playful and sociable, they do not bite or scratch at all. We are going on holiday for a few days and we need someone to come daily and give them food, cl…

Cat sitting während Abwesenheit/Ferien

8854 Siebnen Cat
Ich besitze 2 Katzen, Django und Dante, und benötige eine Tierbetreuung während meinen Ferien und geschäftlichen Abwesenheiten. Meine 2 Katzen sind noch jung und verspielt, sehr lieb und pflegeleicht.
2 Besuche pro Tag wären ideal. Gerne können…

Can you take care of my sweet cats in your place?

8640 Rapperswil-Jona Cat
I have possibility to be away from 01.03.2023 for about 3.5 months.
Is there anyone who can take care of them at your place? The date is not decided yet.
If you have interest, I would love to talk about that in detail.
I’m looking for…

Katzensitter gesucht in Stäfa

8712 Stäfa Cat
Unser liebste Katze Cats benötigt einen verlässlichen Tiersitter. Sind Sie ein erfahrener Betreuer?Die Unterstützung wird gelegentlich und für jeweils Stunden benötigt. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, falls Sie interessiert sind. Wir wohnen in 8712 Stäf…

Dog Sitter

8808 Pfäffikon Dog
Hello, I am looking for someone to take care of my adorable 16 year old Pomerania/Shelty. Looking for someone to look after her for short trips. She is very friendly and sleeps most of the day.
Looking for someone with a lot of experience and Pa…

Suche Katzensitter in Wetzikon

8623 Wetzikon Cat
Wir sind auf der Suche nach einem liebevollen und verlässlichen Catsitter (a) für unsere Katzen Indy und Lenny. Entweder für Ferienabwesenheiten oder auch mal für kurzfristige Einsätze. Idealerweise geeignet für jemanden der in der Nähe wohnt. Wir l…

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