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Looking for a catsitter in Au

8804 Au Cat
Dear petsitters, we need somebody to look after Sky, our cat for occasional holidays or weekends. We live in 8804 Au. We would prefer someone who lives nearby. A big experience with cats is a must. Our cat sitter should please be in the position […]


8706 Meilen Cat
I've moved to Meilen from Italy with my two female cats. Unfortunately one of my cat died recently and now I have only one cat . since I am travelling quite a lot for my job,I'm looking for a cat-sitter for my Milly. I need somebody who really […]

Looking for a cat/dogsitter in Pully around end of August for 1-1.5 weeks

1009 Pully Dog
Meet our cat Efes and dog Lucy. I am looking for somebody who supports me with cat and dog care in Pully around the end of August for 1-1.5 weeks and you could stay at our place (so closed to Pully plage - 5mins walking) during the time period […]

Looking for cat sitter for a week in June

1273 Arzier Cat
Looking for a cat sitter for a week in JUNE. I have 3 independent cats but one of them is diabetic and needs 2 insulin injections per day. So I’m looking for a cat lover to visit my home 2x a day to feed the cats, give Poppy her injections and […]

Cat sitting on Rue De Lausanne

1202 Geneva Cat
I require someone trustworthy to visit my cat while I am away over the Christmas period, to replace food, water , administer medicine and litter tray cleaning. I require someone to visit between the 22nd December and 1st Jan, with possibility of […]

Catsitting between Aug 30-Sept 10

3012 Bern Cat
Hi there, My cat and I are looking for a female cat lover in Bern. The support would involve two small tasks: 1) giving breakfast to my cat and then letting her out in the garden (then she plays there all day), 2) giving her dinner and putting […]

Looking for someone to have our cat whilst we are away

8044 Zürich Cat
Hello! We are looking for someone to look after our lovely cat "Pingu" for 3 weeks from 12th May until 7th June 2021, preferably in your home so that he has company. He is a lovely little cat, very affectionate and loves cuddles. We are […]

Cat sitter needed

8008 Zürich Cat
We are looking for a cat sitter from Monday 18th of January until Sunday 24th of January 2021 for morning and evening visits, 1 hour each time. We live in the Seefeld district (close to the Hoschgase tram stop). Platon is a very shy home cat […]

Catsitter needed in Hünenberg

6331 Hünenberg Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 6331 Hünenberg with our cat Chakil. We are going for a short vacation and we need 3 days of check-in visits for our cat at home (26th & 27th and 28th July). Are you interested in helping us with cat care? I'm […]

Siberian cat-sitting weekend

8600 Dübendorf Cat
Hallo! My name is Valentina and I live in Dübendorf/Stettbach. I am looking for a cat sitter for Mila, my 2-years-old, hypallergenic Siberian cat during weekends - we would need somebody to come at our place, feed and cuddle her 1-2/months during […]

Looking for a Cat Sitter

8045 Zurich Cat
Dear Cat Sitter, I am looking for a cat sitter on the following days: December 23rd to December 31st I have two Scottish fold cats, one male and female. They are very sweet and playful. They eat both wet food and dry food, they love treats […]

Cat Sitting for the christmas ( 2 weeks)

4058 Basel Cat
My cat doesn't like to stay alone at home when I am on holidays. So if I could find someone to take care of her it would be great. I am currently working in Visp and I can't take my cat with me at the moment. So I am looking for someone to take […]

Looking for a catsitter in Schaffhausen

8200 Schaffhausen Cat
Hallo, Leute! I'm new in Schaffhausen, and I'd need a cat lover to take care of my little tiger while I'm away on holidays or business trips. Pi is a 6 year-old rescued tabby cat who has lived in 3 countries since my partner and I rescued her in […]

Cat-sitter needed

1209 Genf Cat
URGENT! We are looking for a cat-sitter for this FRIDAY, 17 MAY who would keep our cat Barley some company for 1-2 hours and to make sure she has enough food and a clean toilet. Barley is a very loving cat and if you enjoy reading a book, she […]

Cat Sitter Needed over Christmas

4056 Basel Cat
Dear all, I am getting so many requests it is a bit overwhelming! I have no doubt I will be able to find a wonderful sitter for Svara. I will re-post this ad closer to Christmas! Thank you! I am travelling now so may not be able to respond :) I […]

Looking for a catsitter in Territet

1820 Territet Cat
Dear petsitters, we need somebody to look after Vasilisa, our 8 months old cat. We live in 1820 Territet. Do you have experience and facilities for full-time cat care? We will be very happy to hear from you if you are prepared to accommodate our […]

Catsitter needed in Zurich

8038 Zurich Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 8038 Zurich with our cat Joe. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? Sometimes it may just be a check in needed, other times perhaps more extensive service. We are hoping to find one or two dependable sitters […]

Suche Betreuung für zwei Kater in Weggis / Looking for care for two male cats in Weggis

6353 Weggis Cat
Wir suchen eine flexible Katzenbetreuung/Catsitter für unsere beiden Katzen während unserer gelegentlichen Abwesenheiten am Wochenende oder Ferien. Sind Sie zuverlässig und diskret? Haben Sie seriöses Interesse und stehen 2x am Tag zur Verfügung […]

Catsitter needed in Bellach

4512 Bellach Cat
I am looking for somebody who can support with our cat called Mishu, she is a sweet cat looking like Garfield. The job is to be done in 4512 Bellach. Help is needed on an occasional basis, starting on 17.04.2021 until the 20.04.2021 (4 days) and […]

URGENT: cat-sitting du 20 octobre au 5 novembre

1095 Lutry Cat
Idéalement, je cherche quelqu'un qui serait prêt à prendre ma chatte en pension chez lui/elle car elle n'aime pas être seule trop longtemps et demande de l'affection... Elle est propre, s'adapte très facilement à de nouveaux lieux et est très […]