68300 Saint-Louis

Qualifications and mobility

Can take care of the following species
Dogs, Cats and Fish
References available

Personal description

Hello y’all!

My name is Angeliki. I live in France and work in Basel.
My one true love is pets, especially dogs. I am a proud dog owner to a beautiful and mischievous miniature Pinscher (you can see him in my profile picture, isn’t he cute?!). And he is not just a dog for me, he is family!

Every time I see a dog my heart melts with happiness! They are just the sweetest little creatures on earth and when I grow old I wish to have as many dogs as possible playing and running around in my back yard.

I have been surrounded by dogs my entire life as we used to have dogs (and a cat) in the family since I was very young so I know how to take care of them and how to behave around them.

Therefore, I am your gal if you need someone to take care and look after your four-legged friend!

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