4102 Binningen

Qualifications and mobility

Can take care of the following species
Dogs and Horses
References available
Car available

Personal description

I have always had animals and cared for animals during my childhood in Albania and Greece e.g. dog, goats, sheep and cows. I lived in England for 12 years where I met my wife and married. We always had dogs including a sheepdog called Max, that had been neglected. We brought him back to health and normal weight and he had a beautiful life with children walking in the woods in his old age. He loved tennis balls and even liked to join in when we played tennis. We live in Binningen near Basel and have a very friendly border terrier for 5 years that has been castrated. I walk him twice a day up on the fields overlooking Basel by the allotments.
I grew up with my own working horse and rode him bare back. I tamed the horse from virtually wild and would be confident to look after any horse.
I am currently studying an intensive German course as whilst I can speak German well I need to learn the grammar and writing.
I would be interested to start a dog walking business, so this may be the prompt I need. My background is a multiskilled trasdeman in construction and a handyman and have renovated my properties in both the UK and Switzerland, but due to a skiing accident I cant do heavy work anymore. However, walking and light jobs is fine. Please bring your dog to meet my dog. I am sure he will love your dog as my dog loves playing with all dogs as he was used to going to dog care and mixing with all breeds from a young age. He is also used to babies and children and is very good with them.

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