4123 Basel

Qualifications and mobility

Can take care of the following species
Dogs and Small mammals

Personal description

Hello, my name is Jason, I’m a 17 year old high school student currently attending the ISB & looking for a job, specifically in the animal industry, as I love animals. Although I haven’t professionally worked in the pet industry, I have owned and taken care of dogs before. Unfortunately, as I live in an apartment I currently am not an active dog owner, however I am planning to be one the future (because they are the cutest things ever!!) I’m really good with most dogs, but I would prefer to take care of a smaller dog because I’m more familiar with those, as my mom owns a yorkshire (3 years) and a grumpy Shi-Tzu, which I occasionally take care of when she’s away. I can do basic things like cleaning, feeding & taking your dog out for walks and play, as long as you can instruct me certain commands or behaviors I should be aware of I will the perfect dog sitter for your dog! :)

Disclaimer: I can also speak German & a little bit of Swiss German

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