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Hello! My name is Mary and I come from the United States. While living in the states I took care of my family and friend’s animals very often while they were at work or away on vacation. I was only working part time, so I had the availability to go to my friend’s homes and let their pets out, feed them, and take them for walks. It was more than enjoyable for me! There were many local hikes to take the dogs on. Since January 2020 I lived in Thailand for 6 months. There, I volunteered with an independent organization called ‘Robyn Responds’ where a group of us would take care of the many stray street dogs in the area I lived in. Since there was little tourism, there weren’t as many food scraps for the local dogs to rummage through. We would gain the trust of these many dogs, feed them and offer other treatment if needed — such as de-tick, give flea medication, treat small sounds, etc. I have plenty of experience with cats as well. I welcomed a stray cat into my home in Thailand and cared for her until I unfortunately had to leave and give her to a trusted friend. While I am now living in Switzerland, I would love to continue being surrounded by animals. Overall, I am just a crazy animal lover and care so much for them. Vaud is such a beautiful province to go for walks around the vineyards with the view of the lake, or even around the city of Lausanne! I would love to be able to take dogs for walks around the area.


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