4053 Basel

Qualifications and mobility

Can take care of the following species
Dogs, Cats, Small mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Horses, Fish and others

Personal description

With your pets:
- I will do an active walk in which I run and play with your dog(adapted to the age of the dog)
- take care when you are away for a day or on vacation
- talking on long and nature walk (adapted to the age of the dog)
- I will wash it when it is dirty,
- work on trainings,
- relax massage :)
- taking a beautiful photo

I have experience in working with cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rabbits and rats, small and large dogs with both polite and problematic anxiety-based dogs. I have a great understanding of a animals’s. Therefore, in caring for them, I work a lot with his sense of smell through play, looking for flavors or letting him sniff him during a walk is the basis of every walk. If you want, I can teach him to walk by the leg, give paws, nets and other commands, but as with dogs, everyone is different and requires their own time.

I have an exceptionally developed empathy and, therefore, a great understanding for animals. I see emotions, I understand their language. I will gladly take your pet out or take care of him during your absence. Can’t wait to contact you! :)

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