5620 Bremgarten
Garde: Chiens • Chats • Oiseaux • Poissons • Réptiles / Amphibiens • Petits mammifères • Chevaux

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Hello my name is Steven. I like to be around animals because for me they are more than animals they are human beings. I have 2 dogs at home but in the moment my home is far away and so are my dogs. So I’m really good with dogs and I have more than 2 years of experience. It would be lovely to have the opportunity to work with animals and take good care of them. For me it is not a job, it’s a passion.
For me it is really important that every animal gets treated good and with a lots of love and that is what I am offering here. I will bring patience, love, kindness, fun, energy, confidence, spontaneousness and love for activities.
I am a person that likes to be outside, I like to go walking, swimming in the lake or river, hiking, jogging, biking or just enjoying the fresh air on a bench.

I’m originally from Costa Rica so I speak Spanish but I think with English wich I also speak really good I’m better off in Switzerland. But I think the most important thing is the dog language which I dominate really good. My girlfriend is from here Switzerland and she will help me too and if there is a communication problem she will be there. I mean not that she is only a translator, she loves dogs too and unfortunately she can’t have a dog because of her circumstances.


Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa Di

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