8049 Zürich
Garde: Chiens

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10+ ans

Decription personnelle

Hey my name is Nadja and I grew up with dogs since I was a small kid I walked and took care of my parents Rottweilers. When I got older I dog sitter their Rottweilers when they went out, were busy because of work or went to holiday. I also watched already a friends bulldog when she didn’t have enough time for her dog.

I take every day a walk with my dog in the forest and I always take care that she gets 1 1/2h-2h of movement a day. Of course what I do when depends a lot on the season, since it is very hot at the moment I am taking a big walk early in the morning then just a short walk at midday and then I play with her when it is dark again.

At my place dogs can play, rest or even take a bath in our small shell dog pool.

We have of course also intelligence toys.

In general I am a very responsible person that grew up with dogs and knows how to treat them right.

Since I am studying biology I also took behavioral biology where I learned how to interpret animal behavior.

If you are interested please let me know :)
I am looking forward to meet you

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