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For myself, i can say that i am calm, kind and usualy happy person especialy when i am in touch and working with dogs and cats.
At my home, me and my family always had cats and dogs( we still have the luckiest and sweetest dog in a world) even there are the differences among the cats and dogs. For example:‘You can learn dogs something and dressed them with a lot of patient, be calm and nice with them. But, cats, yes, cats you can not dressed like dogs, but if you want they like you, you have to won their favour.
Dogs usualy need a lot moving, so you have to take a walk with them and play with them.Cats, for example, need a lot of care especialy when you have to care because they mustn’t escape from house or garden. But also cats need to take a walk if their masters allow that.
So, with the correct approach and with a lot of patient,love,kindness and especialy warmth,you can work with our animals like dogs and cats are.


Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa Di

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