Gian Filippo

8004 Zürich
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Hello, my name is Gian. I’m self-employed, working a lot from home, this means I’m often very flexible. I love animals, I’ve got a dog, little Romeo, for 14 long year and after he passed away I moved to the city and start to travel often, so right now I can’t afford a pet.
We love walking with my girlfriend, so this could be a nice opportunity to have a friend next to us while walking and earn some extra money on the side. Feel free to invite me for a coffee, you will see how animals like me :-) take care!

BTW: I speak German, English, Italian, Spanish, learning french, I bit of Bauish and Miauish ;-)
Important: although I’m very flexible, unfortunately I can’t have daily long term commitments, since at least 1 or 2 weeks a month I have to be abroad. This is the reason why I can’t effort a pet myself :-( but for spontaneously walk, when you need… try to contact me, your pet will love me! ;-)

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