6004 Luzern
Garde: Chiens • Oiseaux • Poissons • Réptiles / Amphibiens • Petits mammifères

Decription personnelle

Hello, I´m Elliot!! I´m from Spain and I´m currently living in Luzern. I studied Sport Science Degree at the University so I´m a very active and healthy person. I really love pets, play with them and of course take care of them. I don´t have any work experience in this field but I used to take care of my friends´s pets (dogs almost all times). I think I can be a good petsitter because pets and I share both similar attitudes like loyalty, be always happy and we like play all the time. Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you want to know more about me. Looking forward to new opportunities!


Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa Di

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