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8733 Eschenbach
Garde: Chiens • Petits mammifères • Chevaux

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I am the proud owner of a beautiful male Cocker Spaniel who is now 2 almost 3 years old. In the past my family has owned many different dog breeds including a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Weimaraner and a Great Dane (so I am not shy of big dogs).
I currently have time to look after your pet if wished. I have a car and am willing to travel.

There is also the possibility of your pet being welcomed into our family home. We have a fenced in garden and lots of space for your loved one who would become part of the family in our day to day activities.

Prices for this would be 50sf for a half day, 70sf for full day. Pick up and drop off times are very flexible from early to late.

If your dog is looking for a holiday vacation while you are away you are looking at:

Day 1: 70sf (20sf for second dog if owner has 2)
Day 2: 60sf (20sf for second dog if owner has 2)
Day 3 onwards: 50sf (+20sf for second dog if owner has 2)

I look forward to hearing from you soon :)

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