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Dogsitter for Beagle
3007 Berna Dog
I'm looking for someone who take care of my dog when my husband and me are working. we woukd like to find someone who really love animals. We need someone with garden, where we can leave our dog there, someone with other dogs too, if is possible […]
3084 Wabern Dog
Looking for pet sitting job in the Wabern-Bern area. Passionate about animals, I have 2 little dogs, hamsters, rabbits, a cat and some chickens. I would be happy to help look after your pets when you are not able too, either dog walking or sitting […]
Cristina Soliman
1260 Nyon Dog
I love to take care dogs or any kind of animal. I am willing to take good care of them in the absence of their owners. To take them for a walk and play with them.
Dogsitter / Catsitter / other
8008 Zurigo Dog
Sono una studentessa appassionata di animali. Ho due cani. Sono disponibile a tenere compagnia e prendermi cura dei vostri animali domestici. I am a female student with a big passion for animals. I have two dogs. I am available to take care and […]
We are looking for an cccasional Dogsitter for a really quite and nice dog
5610 Wohlen Dog
We are an Italian family, just moved in Switzerland at the end of October 2018. We don't speak German yet (we are attending to language courses), but we speak Italian and English. Conan is a five years old (next 8th of December) dog, saved from […]
Owner of a dog and 2 cats
1239 Collex Dog
I have a dog and 2 cats. Sometimes we want to spend a weekend away, and cannot take them with me. Searching for someone to take care of them till I cannot. The person should come 2X a day: in the morning and in the evening. The animal will stay in […]
Cat sitting
9000 st gallen Cat
URGENT We have a cat and we would like to have someone to either stay in our home or come by on a daily basis from September 29/30 to August 3rd. He is an older cat and very friendly and well trained but he doesn't like to be alone and so needs […]

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