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Catsitter needed, we are in Villars-sur-Ollon

1884 Villars-sur-Ollon Cat
Hello, I’m looking for an experienced and reliable cat sitter for our cat Kitty from the 09.11.2022 – 14/11/22.
We live in 1884 Villars-sur-Ollon.
Kitty is a very small and sweet little cat who loves the company of people and needs to be…

Cat sitting needed

8143 Sellenbüren Cat
I am looking for a responsible and reliable individual that loves animals to cat sit for me. I have three beautiful cats, two males and one female, and need someone to take care of them while my husband, my daughter and I are on vacation.…

Catsitter needed in Cham for 2 weeks during Easter/spring break

6330 Cham Cat
I’m looking for a VERY experienced, cat-loving person who can look after our cat Toffi in Cham. We travel often and need a cat seater – The job will be for 2 weeks during Easter/Spring vacation 15.4.22 – 28.4.22 and you will need to visit Toffi TWICE…

Once a week day care for a puppy

8052 Zürich Dog
I’m looking for a day care once a week on Tuesdays when my husband and I have to go to the office. Either you can stay in our place or we can drop off Eddy to you. Eddy is 5 month miniature poodle – he is very sweet dog, but still a puppy with his ag…

Looking for a catsitter in Aesch

4147 Aesch Cat
Meet our cat Phoenix. I am looking for somebody who supports me with cat care in 4147 Aesch. We are looking for a cat sitter to check in on our cat daily for 30 mins while we are on holiday starting on 08Apr to 23Apr. If this is a success we are inte…

Catsitter needed (cat will be moved to the petsitter flat)

8118 Pfaffhausen Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cat Ciri at his/her place. Ciri is a 1 year old female cat, castrated with all vaccinations. She is an indoor cat. Do you have experience with cat care? The job needs to be done from 14.10.202…

(No longer) looking for a catsitter in Wettingen

5430 Wettingen Cat
EDIT—I don’t need catsitting for the moment :) Past job offer:
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cat Nala in Wettingen. She’s a very cuddly cat who loves being around with people. She needs food one time a day. Do you hav…

Looking for cat sitter with veterinary/oral medication giving experience for two sphinx girls

1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Cat
Dear cat sitters! We are looking for someone to take care of our two sphinx cats during the approximate period 17/06-23/06.
We would like you to come to our place for 1-2 hours every evening, do the basic stuff (refill the auto feeder, water fou…

Looking for a catsitter in Bern

3005 Bern Cat
Hallo, Leute!
I currently live in Bern, and I’d need a cat lover to take care of my little tiger while I’m away for Christmas this year, as unfortunately our regular catsitter won’t be available.
Pi is a 9 year-old rescued tabby cat who has…

Two cats need a petsitter once a day

9000 St Gallen Cat
Hello, I am looking for a trustworthy cat sitter who can look after my cats during I come back to Japan during Christmas and new year (dates are negotiable). I have two automatic feeders and my cats are familiar with eating dry biscuits from the mach…

Cat sitting

9493 Mauren Liechtenstein Cat
Hello, My name is Priya I am from Australia, my husband and I moved to Liechtenstein 3 months ago and want to take a weekend trip to Austria. We have a dog who we will be travelling with, and 2 cats at home Shelley ( 7) and Suzie ( 4). Suzie has ver…

Cat sitting for 2 cats

3900 Brig Cat
One cat is 17, the other one 9
The person would need to come twice a day to feed, and keep company, especially my 17 year old really likes human company. Change of cat litter once a week.
The other cat likes to go out so he could be let out…

Catsitter needed in Zürich

8055 Zürich Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 8055 Zürich with our cat Nala. Are you interested in helping us with cat care? This is a task to be done for two weeks in May 2023. Nala is a cat that does not like to be alone and therefore do we look for someone that cou…

Catsitter needed in Bulle

1630 Bulle Cat
Hello! my name is Janna and I am a student here in Bulle, I need a cat sitter who’s available when I need to leave town for a few days or weeks and cannot take my nalo with me! He is a super lovely cat, sterilized, loves the outdoors and is well trai…

Catsitter needed in Lutry

1095 Lutry Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after our cat Fennel in 1095 Lutry. This would include a one-hour visit everyday to clean the litter, refresh food & water, give medication, and play & pet him! He is an old cat and uses regular medica…

Pet boarding for cute 6 months old cat

8406 Winterthur Cat
Meet our cat Oreo. I am looking for somebody who can take care of our cat for 8 days while we will be on vacation. He is 6 months old really cute and loving cat and doesn’t need much attention. We need someone to take care of him from 2022.04.19 07:0…

Catsitter and Bunnysitter needed in Riex

1097 Riex Cat
We are looking for holiday care support for our cat Oreo (cat/chat), and our bunnies Latte (bunny/lapin) and Cinnamon (bunny/lapin). We live in Riex near Cully. Please write me if you are the cat-sitter and bunny-sitter who can help us. Nous recherch…

2 weeks visiting cat carer for 7 cats

4314 Zeiningen Cat
We are looking for a person who can care for our 7 cats, feeding and cleaning litter boxes 2 times a day, morning and evening.
The cats are all strictly indoor cats and particular attention should be payed to ensuring that no doors or windows ar…

Looking for a cat sitter in Zug from 15 till 19 July 2022

6300 Zug Cat
Hello, I’m looking for a cat sitter for 5 days in July 2022 (15.07 – 19.07) for 2 young British shorthair cats Muffin and Daisy. We need only check-in visits ones a day in the morning approximately 1 hour to feed them, change water, clean the litter …

Looking for a Cat Sitter / Cerco Cat Sitter from:26.12-2.1

8048 Zürich Cat
we are looking for a Cat Sitter who can take care ok my two Cats (Alfred and Agata)
They are used to live in an apartment, the job consists in giving them food, clean their toilet and spend some time with them. Ciao!
stiamo cer…

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