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Cat sitting needed

8143 Sellenbüren Cat
I am looking for a responsible and reliable individual that loves animals to cat sit for me. I have three beautiful cats, two males and one female, and need someone to take care of them while my husband, my daughter and I are on vacation.…

Dogsitter needed in Zürich

8006 Zürich Dog
Our friendly dog Duke needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with dog care? This job needs to be done occasionally, starting on 11.06.2022. We live in 8006 Zürich. We are looking for vacation care and occasional day care. Please reach out…

Looking for a dogsitter in WALLISELLEN for 8 months old Havanese

We are looking for experienced and reliable pet sitter for our young Kopi. We live in 8304 WALLISELLEN. We plan to send him to a reliable, patient , responsible, loving and confident pet sitter who has a dynamic confident pack and experience in taki…

Looking for a catsitter in Zurich

8005 Zurich Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 8005 Zurich with our cat Luna. Are you interested in helping me with cat care?
We will need a person to take care of our 2 years old princess during our holidays. She is very independent, We have a food machine that …

Dogsitter needed in Zürich

8002 Zürich Dog
I’m looking for reliable and loving support for my dog Luna. We live in 8002 Zürich. I will be away from 12. – 26. of July and need somebody to take care of her during this time. If it goes well, there will be more opportunities to take care of her w…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zurich

8002 Zurich Dog
Hi! We are looking for someone who wants to take our dog Aiko for a walk during the week for 1-2 times during lunch and as well can take care of him when we are on holiday. Aiko is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, he is 1,5 years old. He is quite big (45KG) bu…

Pet care needed in Wallisellen

8304 ZUERICH Small mammal
Dear petsitters, we live in 8304 Wallisellen / Dubendorf border with our rabbits Harley & Quinn. Are you interested in helping me with small mammal care? This job takes 1 hour to be completed. It will be required occasionally, starting on 24.01.2023.…

Cat sitting for Xmas period

8005 Zurich Cat
I am looking for a cat loving person to take care of my 2 Devon rex cats while I am away for Xmas holidays. It would be from 24th of December to 8th of January.
I would prefer my cats to be staying with a person who would be taking c…

Looking for a dogsitter in Pfaffhausen for holiday care

8118 Pfaffhausen Dog
Dear petsitters, we live in 8118 Pfaffhausen with our dog Poli. Are you interested in helping me with dog care? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking for a dog boarding in Dübendorf

8600 Dübendorf Dog
Our lovely dog Brioche (Jack russell terrier, male, 8 mo) needs a reliable pet boarding who can take care of him for 5 nights start from 25.08.2022. Do you have experience with dog care? Help is needed only once. We live in 8600 Dübendorf . Please re…

Looking for second dog caretaker

8052 Zürich Dog
Hi! I’m looking for a second nanny for our 1 year old mini poodle Eddy for Tuesdays when my husband and I are both in the office. We have a main caretaker but from time to time she is not available.
We are looking for a day care at your place –…

Looking for a catsitter in Dietlikon

8305 Dietlikon Cat
Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after Moonpie & zelda, our cat. We live in 8305 Dietlikon. I’m going on vacation from the 25th of June to the 3rd of July and I’m looking for someone that can take care of my cats.
I would like 2 visits a…

Looking for a catsitter in Schwamendingen for visits during weekend

8051 Zurich Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cat XS in 8051 Zurich, Schwamendingen. Do you have experience with cat care? We need someone from Saturday 04.03.2022 until Monday 07.03.2022 to come and take care of XS, give him food, change…

Je cherche un gardien de chiens à Zurich

8032 Zurich Dog
Hallo, ich bin vom 7. bis 20. März im Shauspielhaus zu Gast und suche eine Betreuungsperson für meinen sehr süßen, ruhigen und lieben Hund Dédée (1,5 Jahre, Huskie, 23 kg). Das wäre Montag bis Freitag, 3 oder 4 Stunden am Tag, bei Ihnen zu Hause oder…

Looking for a dog lover to take care of our dog while we are on holidays in August for a week

8008 Zurich Dog
Our lovely dog Figaro (13 years old, Italian greyhound) needs a reliable petsitter while we will be away (the dates are August 15 for a week till 23th August). He is very sweet, in good health. Do you have experience with dog care? Please reach out i…

Looking for Adelphi with overnights

8008 Zürich Dog
We are looking for somebody who could help taking care of dogs overnight or also help in our daycare in 8008.

Catsitter needed in Zürich

8052 Zürich Cat
Mocho is a lovely Siamese cat, who enjoys the sun, long naps and to be loved and cared about. Soon I will be travelling for 4-5 weeks and I am looking for a caring and trustful person who lives near Zurich Oerlikon, and can kindly offer his/her house…

Catsitter needed in Zürich

8057 Zürich Cat
I am looking for somebody who can take care of our our cats Tora & Hime while we are away for 12 days at the beginning of september.
They are two sisters, 4 months old, very cuddly and friendly. Tora is the brown tabby one, and Hime is the whi…

Dog daycare needed 2-4 days per week

8046 Zurich Dog
I live in Affoltern (Zurich) and am in the process of adopting a small shepherd mix named Ross, who is between 1-2 years old. I have the option to work from home somedays, but would like to have full-day care on days when I have to go into the office…

Looking for a dogsitter in Unterengstringen

8103 Unterengstringen Dog
Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after Snoop, our dog for holidays (normally 7 days) We live in 8103 Unterengstringen. We are looking for some one who is happy to keep him company in your home. He is a very well be behaved dog, who loves to c…

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