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Dogsitter needed in Zurich

I am looking for somebody who can support with our dog called Màlna. The job is to be done in 8038 Wollishofen. Màlna is new in this environment and just moved to Switzerland a few months ago. She is still shy and scared when she is meeting new peopl…

Dogsitter needed in Zwillikon

Hi! I am Francesca and together with my husband, we have 3 lovely dogs-children :)
2 lovely beagles 11 year-old, female: Eva & Sophia. They are really quiet, they don’t do too much anymore. Their main passion is sleeping and relaxing the whole …

Dogsitter needed in Hedingen

We are planning to travel between 25 June – 3 July 2022.
I am looking a dog sitter for our Akira (2-year-old female Shiba inu) in Hedingen, 8908.
You may live in our flat at this period if you wish or you can take the dog to your place.

Looking for a dog walker in Langnau am Albis

I am looking for somebody who can support us with our young dog Bailey.
I recently had surgery on my shoulder so am struggling to exercise him fully, I have Mama guilt as I know he would have more fun with someone else right now :(
Bailey …

Dogsitter needed in Zürich

I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after Ted in 8041 Zürich. We are hoping to take a few weekend trips in the coming months and through out the summer. We have just relocated from America to Zurich and our getting situated…

Dog day care

We are currently looking at planning for dog care for when our new French Bulldog puppy arrives. We have flexibility to work from home on some days during the week. So in order to prepare ahead of time we are reaching out to plan for dog care on days…

Dogsitter needed in Zürich/Thalwil

Our lovely dogs Loca&luna needs a reliable petsitter. We are travelling on 15-19 september and 9-15 october.we hope to find a petsitter that we can leave our dogs in our vacations also for the next months and years.
They are mix terriers and eac…

Cerco dog walker e dog sitter esperta a Bellinzona

Cerco dog walker /dog sitter affidabile ed esperto/a che possa portare a passeggiare e occuparsi dei miei due Chiuhuahua quando sono al lavoro. I Chihuahua sono cani piccoli e delicati che hanno bisogno di mani esperte.

Looking for a dogsitter in Obfelden

I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Yoyo. We live in 8912 Obfelden. The job needs to be done every now and then. As we are going to the office often, we will need support with Yoyo. He is a mix (we don’t know of what as we re…

I need a dog walker and dog sitter on a regular basis in Oberalbis

Hello, I am starting back to full time work and I need someone to come regularly to walk my dog and keep him company while I am at work. I can also drop him at your home if you live close by and prefer. Also, occasionally overnights
I need someo…

Dogsitter needed in Zurich

I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Bonnie. We live in 8800 Zurich. The job needs to be done on 28.12.2022 to 8th of January we are going on holidays. Bonnie is a toy poodle, very friendly and kind dog, she is in perfect hea…

Dogsitter needed in Zurich

We are looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Luna. We live in 8045 Zurich. Help is required starting from 31.05.2022 and for 1 hour per week during lunch time, it will increase in July. Weekdays and hours which are possible are mar…

Dogsitter needed in Affoltern am Albis or Wetzikon or Stans

We are looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Maya. She is so calm and quiet and she doesn’t need any special care (just to eat and sleep). This job takes 9 hours to be completed. It will be required occasionally, starting on 10.01.…

Looking for an overnight dog sitter for our 4.5 yr old German Shepherd for 2 nights (Nov26-28)

Hello petsitting community! My wife and I are looking for an experienced (and friendly) dog sitter to take care of our German Shepherd, Max for a weekend. We are especially looking for day and night care for 2 nights at the end of November (Nov 26-No…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zurich

I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Tysun. Do you have experience with dog care? The job needs to be done every now and then; during occasional weekends and holiday periods 1-2 weeks. My dog is a 5 year old Parson …

I need someone to take care of my dog between 22.03.2023 and 26.03.2023

I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Kimba in 8800 Thalwil. Do you have experience with dog care? The job will start on 22.03.2023 to 26.03.2023 and needs to be done from time to time. Each work assignment will take 20 hours …

Dogwalker /dogsiter needed in Cham

Meet our dog Marci. I am looking for somebody who supports me with dog care in 6330 Cham. This job needs to be done occasionally and for 1.5 hours each time. If you are interested, I will be very happy to hear from you.

Dog daycare needed in Zürich

Dear petsitters, we live in 8045 Zürich with our dog Zoe. She is a medium sized belgian shepherd, very friendly and sociable. She needs to run and play and I am looking for someone that can take her out for a walk while I am at work. Ideally it would…

Dog Walker gesucht

Wir suchen einen flexiblen Dog Walker für 2 Chihuahuas, um mit unsere Hunden spatzieren zu gehen, wenn wir auf Grund der Arbeit verhindert sind.
Wir hoffen einen Dog Walke zu finden, der regelmässig verfügbar ist und so zu einer weiteren Vertra…

Dog Walker in Wollishofen

We are looking for someone who can help us with our dog and cat on a fairly regular basis. Winnie is still young (1.5 years) and is still learning her commands. We need someone who will be patient, and understanding, and helps her practi…

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