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Dear Pet Owners,

My name is Anita and I am passionate about helping animals and people.
I like to spend my time with animals and I am able to understand their needs easily. I’m very lucky because I’ve had pets since I was a kid.
I also worked at a dog shelter (with dogs and cats), where I participated in dog trainings and I helped to socialize wilder cats that we could adopt them easier.

I am:
- ANIMAL FAN: I adore spending quality time with the animals.
- RELIABLE: I can take care of your beloved pets like my own. I know that the animal is also part of the family, so it is a big honor that you can trust me.
- TRUSTWORTHY: I keep my word and I am able to find the ideal methods to cooperate effectively. Because of my honest and helpful personality you may trust me easily,
- CALM: I can stay calm in stressful situations too. At the dog shelters I met many kind of animals and I realised that the good relationship depends on the quality time and toleration.
- FLEXIBLE: I can find the solution to help you and your beloved pet.
- ACTIVE: I do many sports, so I like to spend my time with energetic animals too.

I live in Schlieren (8952) and I speak English, Italian, Hungarian and I have learnt German for 3 months.

I can’t wait to get to know you and your beloved pet/s.

Kind regards:

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