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Hello there!

My name is Ceren. I am a Master’s student in Tübingen, Germany. Due to covid restrictions, my classes are going by distance learning, therefore, I am staying in Zürich with my boyfriend and I decided to work as a petsitter.

In my profile, you can reach my photos. Currently, I have two rescued stray cats and their names are Berry and Cherry. (check the second and third photo to see them!) Berry is 11 and she is with us since she is 3 months old, and Cherry is about to turn 6 years old.

Animal care is not a hard job for me, as I take care of my cats for years. The most important thing for me is reaching to the animals with full love so that they will react back with a love as well.

I am really good at cuddling and playing with pets, and besides cuddling and playing, I can also take good care of their self-care (feeding, cleaning, brushing, etc. )

If you think I can be the right person for your pet/s, do not hesitate to ask me more questions. Thank you so much for considering my applications! :)

With love,

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