6133 Hergiswil bei Willisau
Garde: Chiens • Chats • Oiseaux • Réptiles / Amphibiens • Petits mammifères • Chevaux

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Hello, I’m Fie from Denmark, and I am currently living in the country side with my boyfriend.
I’m looking for jobs, but since I’m not a citizen it’s a bit difficult.
I also cannot speak Swiss(german), I do understand some though,
it’s just harder to speak it. I speak English very well and Danish of course.

I’m a very calm, quiet person. I’ve always loved animals, in general more than humans.
In my family we’ve always had some animals, from horses, rabbits, rats, birds, dogs, cats. I had my own horse for around 5 years.
I’ve especially been used to Schäferhunde while growing up.

Dogs have a speciel soul, always happy and forgiving. All animals, though.
Also a reason I do not eat meat/animals.
I like being a lot outdoor as well, I bike around a lot, run sometimes, and do yoga as well.
I have travelled quite a bit, and I like to do creative art things.
If you need help/are interested you can write :)

(I also only have a bike, so if the distance is too far from me it can be a problem unfortunately)

We have a big house with a lot of green around, we can take care of animals here:)

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