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Christmas catsitter NEEDED ! 22 Dec - 8 Jan

Tigrette is looking for some company over the Christmas break. Ideally someone would be able to take her in at their house, or come stay with her at our place. It's too much time for her to be alone (only with daily visits) and most shelters are unfo…

Cherche service de garde pour chiens à Attalens

Chers gardiens et gardiennes d'animaux, j’ai besoin de quelqu'un pour s'occuper de Arya, mon chien. Nous habitons à 1616 Attalens. Nous sommes à la recherche d’une personne qui puisse nous soutenir régulièrement. Le début de l’activité serait le 31.1…

Je cherche un gardien de chiens à Vevey

Notre chienne sera impatiente de vous rencontrer. Elle est encore jeune et a besoin de présence. Ses parents ayant une mauvaise communication, elle se retrouvera seule plusieurs heures. Nous cherchons donc une personne pour la promener demain après-m…

Catsitter needed in Blonay

I'm looking for experienced and reliable support for our cat Câlinette . We live in 1807 Blonay. The job needs to be done on 16.10.2023. Please write me if you are the cat-sitter who can help us.

Catsitter needed in Vevey

Our lovely cat Pepite needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with cat care? We are looking for someone on a regular basis. The first working day would be the 29.09.2023. In the table below you can see on which days it would suit us. We li…

Looking for a catsitter in Vevey

Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after Kimi, our cat. We live in 1800 Vevey. Do you have experience with cat care? Help is required on an occasional basis. We will be very happy to hear from you.

Catsitter needed in Vevey

Dear petsitters, we live in 1800 Vevey with our cat Capri. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? We are looking for regular support. Ideally, you can start on 29.07.2023 to 01.08.2023. Please see the table below for the days and times that …

Cherche service de garde pour chats à Jongny

Chers pet sitters, mon chat Doudou et minicat et moi vivons à 1805 Jongny et avons besoin d’une personne fiable qui puisse prendre soin de Doudou et minicat. Garder un chat vous passionne et vous souhaitez nous apporter votre soutien? Pour nous, ce s…

Catsitter needed in Chardonne

Dear petsitters, we live in 1803 Chardonne with our cat Turbo. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? We would prefer it if you could support us on regular basis. The start date would be the 05.04.2023 until 23.04.2023. I'm looking forward t…

Looking for a catsitter in Vevey

Meet our cat Shadow and nuna . I am looking for somebody who supports me with cat care in 1800 Vevey. This is a one-time task to be done on 28.03.2023. If you are interested, I will be very happy to hear from you.

Dogsitter needed in Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz

Dear petsitters, I need somebody to look after O’malley , our dog. He is a 1 year old malamute. We also have a 2 year old cat named Loki We live in 1806 Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz. Do you have experience with large dog care? Help is needed on an occasi…

Catsitter needed in Brent

I am looking for somebody who can support with our cat called Mimo. The job is to be done in 1817 Brent. We are looking for a person who can support us on a regular basis. You should start on 21.08.2022. Please refer to the table below to see which d…

I can take care your dog of cat pets

I'm looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after Lala in 8050 Vevey. Write me a message if you think you are the right petsitter for Lala.

Feeding cat this Saturday pm, Sunday am, Monday am

Dear petsitters, we need somebody to check in on Sam and feed him this Saturday evening (19th) Sunday morning and Monday morning. You would need to come by and get the apartment key on Friday. Would pay 100chf Many thanks Paul

Je cherche un gardien de chiens à Chardonne

Nous cherchons une personne qui connait bien les chiens à fort caractère. Suci a environ 2 ans, nous l'avons recueillie dans la rue, elle vit maintenant avec nous depuis 18mois. elle est très craintive et ne pourrait pas rester dans un chenil pendan…

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