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Looking for a sitter for our cat

1800 Vevey Cat
We are looking for a sitter for our cat Ducate who is 11 years old.

Cat sitter wanted

1217 Meyrin Cat
Cat sitter wanted to carry out daily visit for 2 very friendly male cats from 10th March to 29th March. Need to be able to collect key/meet us this week. Requires litter change/clean, food & water top up. And of course a little bit of love :-)

Need Cat sitter during Christmas week

9450 Altstatten Cat
Hello I'm looking for a cat sitter that could come to our appartment to take care of our 2 cats. We would need 3 or 4 visits between 22 and 26 december. English / Portuguese / Spanish / French speaker will be appreciated for contact with us. […]

Looking for a cat sitter

8306 Brüttisellen Cat
Looking for a cat sitter from April 23 to April 30 for my two cats Luna and Buddha in Bruettisellen

Cat sitter for three weeks

4056 Basel Cat
Hi, I am Francesca and I am from Italy. I am looking for a cat sitter to look foward my two cats. Their names are Emily and Lucy, they are three years old :-)

Cat-sitter für Polar & Amor Region Mittelrheintal

9435 Heerbrugg Cat
Hallo, ich suche einen Petsitter für Polar u Amor, meine zwei Katzen (1 F Bengali 1 M Europäisch), haustrainiert. Amor ist sehr gesellig, Polar enorm anliegend, kann aber anfangs scheu sein. Ich suche eine(n) feinfühlige(n) Tier - […]

Katzensitter gesucht für 2 Tagen over Easter 19-21

8600 Dübendorf Cat
Hello. My German is very basic it’s best I write in English :) I’m looking for a cat sitter that can come and feed the cats Friday the 19th in the evening, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning. I will give more detailed instruction […]

Looking for a catsitter in Obfelden

8912 Obfelden Cat
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my cat Pupu in 8912 Obfelden. I have an event in Basel from the 13th to 15th November. My cat is a Siamese with Suching Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus type II. He requires at minimum two […]

Looking for a catsitter in montreux

1820 montreux Cat
Meet our cat Lily. I am looking for somebody who can stay at my house and take care of my cat or have no animals at home and can take care of my cat at there home. this will be for 2 weeks. have to have references

3 lovely cats that need care while my wife and I are out

9014 Saint Gallen Cat
We have 3 cats that need care while we are not in St Gallen. They have very easy personalities, like to play, eat and some love. We look for cat sitters that are dependable, that love cats and that we can trust. We ask for visits to our […]

Catsitter needed in Zug

6300 Zug Cat
Our lovely cats Mushat & Cat needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with cat care? Please reach out if you are interested. We live in central Zug 6300 Thank you and have a great day! Rada

Tigi from KIlchberg needs a cat sitter for 7 weeks

8802 kilchberg Cat
our cat loves the outdoors and when the weather is nice spends her time outside. We are going away for 7 weeks and are nervous to put her in a cat hotel as she loves her freedom. We would like someone to come and feed her every day. You may not […]

Dog- and cat-sitter needed for July!

8000 Zürich Dog
Hello! We are moving to Switzerland from the UK and to avoid stress on our dog and cat we would like them to be looked after by someone who can keep them safe and happy. We would then be able to pick them up once we have unpacked and furnished […]

Looking for a catsitter in Bern

3006 Bern Cat
My cat Gretel needs the most reliable petsitter when I’m not at home (work, holidays). She doesn’t like humans very much and she spends a lot of time out. Do you love cats, have experience with cat care and you’re not afraid to find in the […]

Cat sitting

6330 Cham Cat
I am looking for a sitter who will come into my apartment and check on my cat Juno. She is 6 years old and friendly. She loves to play with toys and get treats. She is an indoor cat.

Cat Sitter needed

8926 Hauptikon Cat
My Swiss husband and I have two cats. We travel 30 July until 10 August. We are looking for someone to come each day once to feed them and scoop the box. No medical conditions or pills to give. The cats will stay indoors while we are away. […]


8044 ZURICH Cat

Catsitter needed in Sergy

1630 Sergy Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 10630 Sergy with our cat Cata. He is 11 years old, really sociable but he is epileptic so he needs to take a pill twice per day. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Cat sitter and dog walker

6314 Unterägeri Cat
I have 1 cat and 2 dogs - I am looking for someone who can cat/dog sit/walk while im over seas on a regular basis.

Cat sitter needed 23-28 December

8048 Zurich Cat
We need someone over Christmas time (23rd to 28th December) to visit once a day our apartment in order to feed and clean the litter of our beautiful cat Britta. She’s very sweet, not aggressive at all and super healthy. She is 3 years old […]