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Looking for a dogsitter in Genève

I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Doffen. We live in 1202 Genève. We are looking for regular support. It would be great if you could start as soon as possible. Please see the table below for the days and times that would su…

Dog minder needed in 1208 Geneva !

Sarah & Johan here. We live in Geneva (1208 Genf) with our 2 dogs, a Whippet Sonas & a Border terrier Moss. We are looking for an experienced dog minder to mind the two dogs together. It could be for a day or over a weekend at your place.…

Looking for dog walker for 2 dogs and catsitter

We are looking for an experienced and reliable person to regularly walk our dogs Yuri and Rosa for one hour per day. Also, we are looking for a catsitter who can take care of our cat Louis when we are away. We live in 1203 Geneve. For the dog walks, …

Looking for a dogwalker

Bonjour, Nous sommes de nouveau à la recherche d’un dogwalker (pour une longue durée) dans la région de Versoix pour promener notre chien 1 heure chaque jour du lundi au vendredi entre 11h et 15h.
Notre chien est un mâle de sept ans de taille mo…

Dog and catsitter needed in Chambesy

Hi there,
We are a British/Mexican family and need a loving and reliable person who can look after our young (large!) very friendly German Shepherd dog, Enzo, as well as our two cats, Capucchino and Tango (also extremely friendly!), preferably a…

Dogsitter needed in Geneva

I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Tano. We live in 1208 Geneva. We are going on a trip from 1st June until 25th June. We are looking for a house in which Tano can stay during this period. He is a loving dog, loves to exerci…

Dogsitter needed in Geneva

Dear petsitters, we live in 1222 Geneva with our dog Piccolo . he is a 2 year old male shiba. He is great with female dogs, people and children. He is not so content with other male dogs. We need help with dog sitting at your home for daily trips on…

Looking for a dogsitter in Genthod

I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Arlo. We live in 1294 Genthod. We need someone to take our dog from 26.12.2022 to 5.1.2023. Please write me if you are the dog-sitter who can help us.

Dogsitter needed in Geneva

My lovely dog Henry needs a reliable petsitter. He is 2 years old. I am looking for someone to work with long-term so whenever needed, Henry could visit the same dog sitter. :) We live in 1205 Geneva. Please give a short background of your experienc…

Occasional Dog walker/sitter needed Versoix

Moose was a Romanian street dog. He is super sweet, very funny, but also a bit hesitant with bigger dogs and people he doesn’t know. He is a great guard dog – you will be very safe with Moose around!

Looking for a dog walker in Geneva

I’m looking for a caring and reliable person who can take my dog Morphée on walks 5 times a week at midday (around 1.30pm).
To start for a few days mid Dec and then long term in January.
She is a very sweet dog, she absolutely lov…

Dogsitter needed in Geneve

Our lovely dog Teo needs a reliable pet sitter – he is a two-year-old Labrador. The dog is quite heavy, so we need someone strong enough to walk him. He is lovely with all people, but sometimes he is not that nice with other male dogs, so best is to …

Dogsitter needed in Geneva

I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after my dog Skye in 1202 Geneva. I am looking for a person available in the holiday period from 19 to 28 December who could look after her while I am away. Otherwise, I am also looking f…

Dogsitter needed in Bernex

Dear petsitters, we live in 1233 Bernex with our dog Justice. Are you interested in helping me with dog care? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
We are looking especially for someone who could keep our dog during our holidays (8 days begin…

Dogsitting May 27 - June 11th

Dear petsitters, We are looking for a dogsitter who will be able to take care of our dear Gryphon while we are away on vacation from May 27th until June 11th (2 weeks). Gryphon is a super sweet and calm dog (35 kilos) who loves cuddles and going on w…


Hello, I am looking for an experienced dog sitter, that will be able to spend an hour per day with my dog, as she is very young she will be staying indoors most of the day and as soon as the vet clears her, she will need a dog walker every day around…

Dog Walker needed in Chambesy (30 min per day)

Looking fo someone to walk my dog in the morning for 30 min three times per week
We live in 1292 Chambesy., very close to the train station (7m away from Cornavin)
Cookie is a maltipoo, very friendly and lovely dog.

Looking for a dog sitter in 1207 geneva

Our lovely dog Moss needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with dog care? We live in 1207 Geneva. Please reach out if you are interested.

Dogsitter needed in Genève

I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Miki in 1204 Genève . Do you have experience with dog care? Miki understands some french but has been trained in English, therefore you must speak English. The job will start on 21.12.2021…

Need dog Walker/sitter in Meyrin - lunchtime walks during the week & when away on holidays

Dear petsitters, we need somebody to look after Tilly, our dog. We live in 1217 Meyrin. Do you have experience with dog care? Help is needed on an occasional basis, starting on 17.08.2021 and for 1 hour each time. We will be very happy to hear from y…

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