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Dogsitter in Zürich from 10 - 17.09.22 due to last minute cancellation

8050 Zürich Dog
My husband and I are looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after our 8 month old dog, Zaya. We will be on holiday from 10.09.22 – 17.09.22 and unfortunately our usual dog sitter has cancelled on us last minute. Zaya is a small-me…

Dog boarding at sitter's home

8051 Zürich Dog
Dear petsitters, we are looking for a trustworthy dog sitter for our beloved dog Maru while we are away on vacation. Maru should stay at the sitter’s house for 4 nights (March 2 – March 5) and during the day on March 6 until we come to pick him up (w…

Looking for second dog caretaker

8052 Zürich Dog
Hi! I’m looking for a second nanny for our 1 year old mini poodle Eddy for Tuesdays when my husband and I are both in the office. We have a main caretaker but from time to time she is not available.
We are looking for a day care at your place –…

Looking for a dogsitter in Dietlikon

8305 Dietlikon Dog
Hi! We‘re looking for someone who can come and stay in our home and look after our threelegged dog Trippy. Trippy is very loving and happy, and he is a well behaved dog.
We have a lovely house with a garden, we’re a friendly family and we love …

Dog walker and occasional sitter needed in Zürich

8044 Zürich Dog
Our lovely Bernese Mountain Dog Aubrey needs a reliable petsitter. Typically we need someone to come over once a week to take her for a walk around lunch. Occasionally, we also require a similar service on a weekend day. We may also require pet sitti…

Dog walking/Day Care/ Dog sitting

8152 Opfikon Dog
Very experienced with dogs in any size. Dog training and dog sports experience too.

Occasional Afternoon Dog Walker Needed

8600 Dubendorf Dog
Dear Petsitters, About us/Westen:
We live in 8600 Dübendorf and although Westen is 11 years old, he has a lot of energy when he is outside! He is very sweet and loves affection. A few things to note: he can be picky with what other dogs he likes…

Dogwalk and doghotel needed in Zürich

8046 Zürich Dog
I am looking for somebody who can support with our dogs called Pudim and Bombom. They are two boys 4 and 6 years. Mixed breed. Medium size. They were in the daycare every week at our back home, Brazil. We are looking for a person who can support us o…

Dogsitter needed June2nd to June 5th

8152 Glattpark Dog
Dear Dogsitters, we need a dog sitter for our lovely dog Lana from Thursday June 2nd to Sunday June 5th. Lana is a very sweet and shy middle size dog (25kg), 5 years old.
She is very shy and scared but not agressive at all. Very peaceful at hom…

Looking to contact the dog sitter who has Lewis the French bulldog belonging to Patrycja Paruch

8424 Embrach Dog
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Lewis in 8424 Embrach. Do you have experience with dog care? We are looking for regular support. It would be great if you could start as soon as possible. Please reach out if you are inter…

Looking for a full-time dogsitter in Zürich between 15.07-31.08

8053 Zürich Dog
We are looking for experienced full time dogsitter for our dog Spok, during our vacation 15.07.22-31.08.22. The dogsitter would have to take our dog to her/his place.
Spok is a parsons terrier, age of 3. We live in 8053 Zürich.

Ad Hoc Dog Sitter Needed for Our Lovely Hugo

8032 Zurich Dog
We are looking for a dog sitter for our loving and affectionate Frenchie Hugo, who is 1.5 years old and loves all humans and dogs. We would like to form a relationship with someone in or around Zurich, who could take care of Hugo when we are away on …

Looking for a dogsitter in Zermstt

8044 Gockhausen Dog
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Kiro in Zermatt for ur ski holidays 20-25 february.. Do you have experience with dog care? We would need the dog- sitter for 5-6 hours/ day weile we are skiing

Great dog in search of dog walker

8046 Zurich Dog
Maia is a 9 year old mixed breed dog who is about 22kg.
We would love to find someone to trust to walk her during the afternoon around 2 and 3 on Tue and Thur for an hour each week.
Someone who can also take care of her overnight …

Looking for a dogsitter in Zürich

8032 Zürich Dog
We are looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Happy . We live in 8032 Zürich.
We are leaving for vacation and need a personal who can take full time care for the dog from 06 till 22 august.
The dog is very calm and friend…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zürich

8032 Zürich Dog
I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after Ted in 8032 Zürich. We recently moved here and will be required to be abroad every now and then. Write me a message if you think you are the right petsitter for Ted. Ted is 2 years …

Looking for a dog boarding in Dübendorf

8600 Dübendorf Dog
Our lovely dog Brioche (Jack russell terrier, male, 8 mo) needs a reliable pet boarding who can take care of him for 5 nights start from 25.08.2022. Do you have experience with dog care? Help is needed only once. We live in 8600 Dübendorf . Please re…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zürich

8032 Zürich Dog
+English below+ NUR/ONLY für/for KREIS 7+8 Ich bin selbst bin 29 Jahre alt und habe einen kleinen 1,5 Jahre alten Zwerg-Rauhaardackel Pebble für den ich hin und wieder eine Betreuug suche. Ich wohne in 8032 Zürich ganz in der Nähe von Kunsthaus und K…

Looking for an experienced dog walker

8305 Dietlikon Dog
Dear Dog walkers, I live in Dietlikon with my 2 dogs Pinxo and Kumba.
I need someone to walk them at least 1h from Monday to Friday (ideally around 1pm). They are young dogs, therefore very active and energetic. Please contact me if you have ex…

Looking for a dogsitter in Glattbrugg

8152 Glattbrugg Dog
Meet our dog Scooby und Paco. I am looking for somebody who supports me with dog care in 8152 Glattbrugg (Walk with both dogs of 1-1.5 hours on week days). If you are interested, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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