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Dog sitter, 4 months, from 12.04.2021 - 15.08.2021

8008 Zürich Dog
Hello dog friends, We are an American family looking for a kind and loving dog sitter to care for our Aussie Shephard/Border Collie mix dog Lucky while we go on a 4 month sabbatical in Pennsylvania. Lucky is a 4 year old mixed breed rescue dog. He …

Dog walker and occasional sitter needed in Zürich

8044 Zürich Dog
Our lovely Bernese Mountain Dog Aubrey needs a reliable petsitter. Typically we need someone to come over once a week to take her for a walk around lunch. Occasionally, we also require a similar service on a weekend day. We may also require pet sitti…

Looking for a dog lover to take care of our dog while we are on holidays in August for a week

8008 Zurich Dog
Our lovely dog Figaro (13 years old, Italian greyhound) needs a reliable petsitter while we will be away (the dates are August 15 for a week till 23th August). He is very sweet, in good health. Do you have experience with dog care? Please reach out i…

Occasional Afternoon Dog Walker Needed

8600 Dubendorf Dog
Dear Petsitters, About us/Westen:
We live in 8600 Dübendorf and although Westen is 11 years old, he has a lot of energy when he is outside! He is very sweet and loves affection. A few things to note: he can be picky with what other dogs he likes…

Dogsitter needed in Zumikon

8126 Zumikon Dog
Hello! My girlfriend and I are looking for a responsible dogsitter who would be able to host our friendly corgi, Nova at his or her residence while we are on vacation. We will be gone from 18.01.2023 to 02.02.2023. We are located at 8126 Zumikon, so …

Dogsitter needed in Zürich/Thalwil

8800 Thalwil Dog
Our lovely dogs Loca&luna needs a reliable petsitter. We are travelling on 15-19 september and 9-15 october.we hope to find a petsitter that we can leave our dogs in our vacations also for the next months and years.
They are mix terriers and eac…

Looking for a nearby dog sitter for dog walk and boarding

8126 Zumikon Dog
We have 2 medium size dogs, that we need to have regular help for. The dogs need 1-1.5 hrs walk in the afternoon Every Monday to Thursday and when we are are business trips, on average 8-10 days a month, the dogs need to stay with the sitter who walk…

Dogsitter needed in Zurich

8800 Zurich Dog
I’m looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Bonnie. We live in 8800 Zurich. The job needs to be done on 28.12.2022 to 8th of January we are going on holidays. Bonnie is a toy poodle, very friendly and kind dog, she is in perfect hea…

Dog walker needed for three to four days a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

8700 Kusnacht Dog
My husband and I live right by Kusnacht Goldbach with our 14 year old terrier mix dog, Hazel. She is a rescue dog. We adopted her when she was four years old from a rescue shelter in Missouri. She’s shy and prefers a quiet home. She is good with ot…

Looking for a full-time dogsitter in Zürich between 15.07-31.08

8053 Zürich Dog
We are looking for experienced full time dogsitter for our dog Spok, during our vacation 15.07.22-31.08.22. The dogsitter would have to take our dog to her/his place.
Spok is a parsons terrier, age of 3. We live in 8053 Zürich.

Ad Hoc Dog Sitter Needed for Our Lovely Hugo

8032 Zurich Dog
We are looking for a dog sitter for our loving and affectionate Frenchie Hugo, who is 1.5 years old and loves all humans and dogs. We would like to form a relationship with someone in or around Zurich, who could take care of Hugo when we are away on …

Dogsitter needed in Küsnacht and/or goldcoast area

8700 Küsnacht Dog
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Mila in 8700 Küsnacht. Do you have experience with dog care? The job needs to be done every now and then. Each work assignment will take 1 hour approximately. Please reach out if you are i…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zermstt

8044 Gockhausen Dog
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dog Kiro in Zermatt for ur ski holidays 20-25 february.. Do you have experience with dog care? We would need the dog- sitter for 5-6 hours/ day weile we are skiing

Looking for a dogsitter in Zürich

8032 Zürich Dog
We are looking for experienced and reliable support for our dog Happy . We live in 8032 Zürich.
We are leaving for vacation and need a personal who can take full time care for the dog from 06 till 22 august.
The dog is very calm and friend…

Looking for a trusted petsitter to look after our 2 pomeranian dogs from 27 - 30 July

8708 Mannedorf Dog
Scooter and Bailey are lovely 9 year old brothers. Scooter is quite cheeky, is food obsessed so he will beg. He can be a little wary and aloof when it comes to people he doesn’t know. He is not good with children or large dogs but is happy if he feel…

DOG SITTER/DOG WALKER needed in Pfäffikon

8330 Pfäffikon Dog
Hello, I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after Gunner in 8330 Pfäffikon or at their house(only if it has a garden access).
I am looking for someone who can support me on the weekends. Usually half day Friday,full da…

Hello guys ! I need a dog walker for tomi my German shepherd dog , he is very friendly

8125 Zollikerberg Dog
I’m looking for dog walker for my GSD , very cute very friendly
The location is in zolikaberg 8125

Dogsitter needed in Zürich

8008 Zürich Dog
Meet our dog Archie. He is a golden retriever, so we are looking for someone with experience with larger dogs. We are looking for somebody for walks and dog care in 8008 and eventually 8002 Zürich. We would prefer it if you could support us on a regu…

Animal hotel for our young Watson in December and ongoing Dog Sitting

8126 Zumikon Dog
We are looking for a loving and reliable person who can take our dog over Christmas period. We would hope to find someone who would first get to know our dog, and apart from the Christmas period would be interested in looking after Watson on a few o…

Looking for a dogsitter in Zürich

8032 Zürich Dog
I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can look after Ted in 8032 Zürich. We recently moved here and will be required to be abroad every now and then. Write me a message if you think you are the right petsitter for Ted. Ted is 2 years …

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