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Looking for regular dog sitter in Lausanne 1004

1004 Lausanne Dog
Hello , my wife and I are looking for a dog sitter for our 5.5 year old Toy Manchester Terrier. Currently we are just looking for a dog sitter to get comfortable with as my wife goes back to work part time soon. Our dog currently has stayed home wit…

Looking for a dogsitter in Lausanne/Vaud/Geneve

1003 Lausanne Dog
I’m looking for an experienced dog-sitter who can look after Mosi during 7-12 February. Our dog Mosi is a boxer (mixed). She is a 7 years old female and weighs 20 kg. Mosi is very active and likes to take long walks, but she is also comfortable in ap…

Dog walker for adult Shiba Inu

1004 Lausanne Dog
I am looking for a reliable and a kind dog walker for my almost 4 years old Luka (shiba-inu) for a longer period.
Preferably someone with experience with dogs and familiar with Swiss and Vaud dog regulations. 2 days a week, 1 hour and 15 min, 9h…

I'm looking for a dogsitter in Zermatt

1005 Lausanne Dog
I would need someone who could keep our dog Jpeg (border-collie, 7 years old male) for 2 days, maybe 4 days, starting August 2. Our problem is we booked an hotel in Zermatt, and did not notice that it doesn’t accept pets, and cannot cancel anymore. W…

Dog walker needed in St. Sulpice

1025 St. Sulpice Dog
Hello fellow pet-lovers,
My husband, baby-daughter Penelope and I are looking for a dog walker-buddy for our chocolate Labrador, Remy. We are looking for somebody to walk him on a regular basis – flexibly one time a day (preferably in the aftern…

Dog sitter in house. Experience with dogs and puppies essential.

1071 Chexbres Dog
Hi, we are looking for a dog sitter in the house once a day from Monday to Wednesday. Flexibility helpful. Our adult dog is trained but our puppy is only 14 weeks old and needs letting out for the toilet once an hour. Experience with dogs and puppi…

Dogsitter needed in Lausanne

1007 Lausanne Dog
Our lovely dog PJ needs a reliable petsitter. We’re seeking someone extremely dependable and experienced. Our little dog does not like other dogs, he barks a lot when he sees one! Because he is a little skittish – we also don’t let him interact with …

Looking for a dog-boarding / pension when we travel (starting ~20th July for 3 weeks)

1025 Saint-Sulpice Dog
Our dog Nisha, is a calm, well behaving dog. Looking for a safe place for her for our summer vacation (& later for different occasions). Her dog-sitter for last 2 years is moving out, so we are in need of an urgent arrangement.
Je suis à la rech…

Assistance to look after my dog for 7-10 days whilst I am on holiday

1095 Lutry Dog
Hello, I am looking for someone to look after my dog for 7-10 days whilst I am on holiday. My dog is 3 years old, very gentle and quiet. She likes a good walk but also is content to sleep for several hours at a time. Well trained and low maintenan…

Dogsitting and dog walking

1092 Belmont Dog
Joana is a galga (Spanish greyhound). She has the sweetest and most loving personality and is also very playful. She needs a lot of company.
We are currently looking for a dog lover who would be able to take her on walks and dog-sit her every no…

Looking for a dogwalker in Lausanne

1007 Lausanne Dog
My dog Moose needs an occasional dog walker. Do you have experience with dog care? This job takes 1 hour to be completed. It will be required occasionally, starting on 07.11.2022. We live in 1007 Lausanne. Please reach out if you are interested.

Looking for a dogsitter in Lausanne

1012 Lausanne Dog
Our lovely dog Luna needs a reliable petsitter. Do you have experience with dog care? We are looking for someone who can have Luna to stay with them from August 4th to 8th 2022 whilst we visit the UK. She is a very sweet and easy little dog. We live …

dog sitter required

1066 Epalinges Dog
Hi there I’m looking for a dog sitter who is able to take care of my dog in my home. I have an 8-year old very cute and loving, but also very active Jack Russell who loves to play and cannot go without her daily walk. She’s very sociable, loves all o…

Looking for a dogsitter in la Croix sur Lutry

1090 La Croix Dog
Meet our dog Moka. She’s a 15 months old energetic and playful chocolate labrador who loves sniff walks and outdoors. She normally follows all basic commands. She is very curious and strong, she likes to sniff everything and pulls you towards places …

Lausanne - dog sitting

1000 Lausanne Dog
Voici mon chien Jackrussel Davinci. Je cherche quelqu’un qui m’aide à m’occuper de mon chien du lundi au vendredi au centre de Lausanne de 11.00 heures a 13.30. Vous venez le chercher et il fait une promenade avec vous, vous accomapgne lors de vos ac…

Looking for a dog walker in Lutry

1095 Lutry Dog
I’m looking for an experienced, dog-loving person who can walk our Beagle, Whisky during the day when we are working. We will be moving to Lutry in June and are looking for someone to take Whisky out for a long walk (between 75-90 minutes) between th…

Looking for a dogsitter in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne Dog
Dear all, We are looking for a house care/dog care centre for our 1.10 month male Shih Tzu, Jordan, from April 14 – May 2nd. He is an adorable, friendly, fully trained and independent dog who loves humans and dogs alike. He is extremely easy to handl…

Looking for home boarding for holidays

1004 Lausanne Dog
I moved with my dog Ralph last April and I find difficult not taking him with me when I go away, Ralph doesn’t like kennels and I also trust more a dog person that could host him rather than a kennel as he is used to live in a flat or a house. I’m lo…

Looking for a dogsitter in Pully

1009 Pully Dog
Dear petsitters, we live in 1009 Pully with our dog Toto. Toto is small (7 kg) old, very sweet, clean and calm Norwich terrier. Are you interested in helping me with dog care? This job takes 8 hours to be completed. It will be required occasionally. …

Looking for a dogsitter in Grandvaux

1091 Grandvaux Dog
I need a loving and reliable person who can look after my dogs Roxy and Hank in 1091 Grandvaux. Do you have experience with dog care? Work will start in the evening on 24.01.2023 until Friday, 27.01 in the morning. We will require dogsitting every no…

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