What do I have to consider if I want to have my dog looked after?

Do you want to entrust your four-legged best friend to a caring dog sitter? Before doing so, there are some important things to consider. Read on to find out what these are.

Which laws and regulations apply to my dog?


As a dog owner, you are responsible for your dog and must pay for any damage it may cause. If your dog bites someone or another animal, you are liable as its owner, regardless of whether the injured person or animal has behaved incorrectly. This is specified in Article 56 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

There are also local regulations, which may vary from canton to canton. It is best to find out which regulations and laws apply in your canton before getting a dog. If you take your dog to other cantons, you should also check in advance to see what the legal requirements are in the respective canton.

There is also a dog tax for your dog. In some cantons, recognised training may also be mandatory for some dog breeds.

Who is liable while your dog is in the care of a pet sitter?


If a professional dog sitter regularly looks after your dog and you have a contract with them, your dog sitter may temporarily assume ownership of your dog. If you hire a pet sitter who looks after your dog on a part-time, irregular basis, you will still be liable for it, however. Unless your dog sitter fails to adequately supervise your dog. In this case, they may also be culpable.

Which insurance do I need for my dog?


With one exception, it is basically up to you to decide which insurance is best for you and your dog. Two types of insurance are detailed below.

Personal liability insurance – essential

Even if personal liability insurance is not mandatory for you as a dog owner in your canton, we recommend taking out such a policy as this will also cover any damage that your dog may cause to individuals or other animals. Dog sitters who work for you on a part-time basis are also covered by your personal liability policy.

Accident and health insurance for dogs – additional protection


If you want to protect yourself against veterinary treatment costs if your dog has an accident or is unwell, you can take out pet insurance. This covers all or part of any veterinary fees, depending on the type of policy. Depending on the provider, you can agree an excess. It is worth comparing different insurance products and considering whether pet insurance is right for you, given the cost of insurance.

Is my dog insured while being cared for?


If you have a personal liability insurance policy and a private dog sitter looks after your dog, your dog is also covered by your personal liability insurance. If a professional dog sitter looks after your dog, they are liable in some cases. Your dog sitter should take out public liability insurance to cover such cases.

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