How do I hire a pet sitter?

Are you looking for a dog, cat or pet sitter? Do you prefer private or professional pet care? Read on to find out which rules apply when hiring a pet sitter.

Unpaid, casual pet sitters


If neighbours or friends occasionally look after your dog, cat or other pet, you do not necessarily need to draw up a contract. However, we recommend writing down all the important information about your pet. This will make it easier for your casual pet sitter to look after your pet and keep your beloved animal happy.

Paid pet care through a private individual


It is also possible to pay a private pet sitter to look after your dog, cat or other pet. If your pet sitter is self-employed, you only pay the pet care bill. But what if this is not the case?

Registering a pet sitter with AHV

There are various aspects to consider when hiring a private pet sitter. Check in advance whether you need to register your pet sitter with AHV.

NB: employment contract


To provide clarity and legal certainty for you and your pet sitter, we recommend drawing up an employment contract. This should comply with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO).

Does your pet sitter work in your home and do other household chores as well? In this case, they are considered to be a domestic assistant. This means that the provisions of your canton’s standard employment contract (NAV) also apply.

Hence, record all the details of your working relationship in writing. This includes their salary, working hours, holiday allowance and sick pay.

Professional pet care


If you opt for professional pet care – e.g. dog kennels, a cattery or a self-employed, full-time pet sitter – they will clarify all the details with you in advance. Professional pet sitters will usually agree a pet care contract with you. We recommend reading through the contract in your own time and clarifying any questions before you sign it.

Finding a reliable pet sitter

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