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5 WEEK BOARDING for 7 month old puppy from 15 Jan - 21 Feb 2021

1004 Lausanne Dog
Hi! We are a young couple living in Lausanne, Switzerland (Route de Prilly). We will be returning to our home country for an annual visit from 15 Jan 2021 to 21 Feb 2021, and will need to board our puppy with a responsible and loving dog-sitter. […]

Catsitter needed in Hünenberg

6331 Hünenberg Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 6331 Hünenberg with our cat Chakil. We are going for a short vacation and we need 3 days of check-in visits for our cat at home (26th & 27th and 28th July). Are you interested in helping us with cat care? I'm […]

Siberian cat-sitting weekend

8600 Dübendorf Cat
Hallo! My name is Valentina and I live in Dübendorf/Stettbach. I am looking for a cat sitter for Mila, my 2-years-old, hypallergenic Siberian cat during weekends - we would need somebody to come at our place, feed and cuddle her 1-2/months during […]

Catsitter needed in Zurich for March, 5-10

8003 Zurich Cat
Hello everyone, we are looking for a reliable cat-sitter for our lovely cat Thor. He is 10 month old, he is very friendly and likes to play a lot. Do you have experience with cat care? Please reach out if you are interested. We live in Zurich […]

Looking for a Cat Sitter

8134 Adliswil Cat
Hi all! My name is Marika and I am the owner of a beautiful 16 years old cat. I need to leave for Easter and I'm looking for a cat sitter, that can come at my place 2/3 times per day in order to feed him, clean his box and check the apartment. […]

Looking for cat sitter in Regensdorf

8105 Regensdorf Cat
I am again looking for a pet sitter for my cat Iris as due to my job I will need to travel a lot in 2019 and 2020. Iris is 3 years old and very sweet, but needs some time to warm up to strangers. She is very attached to me and my husband and is […]

looking for cat sitter for 2 Siberian cats

8802 Kilchberg ZH Cat
During this period Btw December 19- December 30, 2017, We need a very reliable cat sitter for our loving 2 Siberian cats. Female Berniece is kitten and Male Ron is 3 yrs old. If you are interested, could you send me msg? Thank you, best regards,

Cat-Sitter in Gingins

1276 Gingins Cat
Hi, I’m looking for a cat-sitter for our little sweet cat Shandy. We live in Gingins. Please contact me for further information. Thank you! Giulia

Catsitter needed in Uster

8610 Uster Cat
We are looking for an experienced and reliable catsitter for our little boy (cat) Mr.Kot, while we are away due to travel (24.07-28.07). We need someone who could come 2 days (during the above mentioned period) to give him food, fresh water and […]

Looking for cat sitter

8064 Zurich Cat
Looking for a cat sitter for my 14 year old cat!

Looking for a caring cat sitter for the summer

3073 Gümligen Cat
Looking for a caring cat sitter to look after our beautiful cat Boston. Boston is a loving and playful youngster, used to indoors and enjoying a breath of fresh air from time to time.

Cat sitter needed for vacations and work trips

1201 Geneva Cat
We need a cat sitter for the holidays and a trip planned in January for work. We have two cats, one male, one female. They will need to be checked on and automatic feeders refilled once per day. It should only take a few minutes, unless you stay […]

Cat sitter needed over Easter in Zürich city!

8002 Zürich Cat
I am looking for a devoted cat sitter for my 3 Ragdoll cats. 2 Ladies and 1 Prince would need to be attended to over Easter (28th of March to 3rd of April) I am looking for someone who could attend the cats 2 times a day, morning and evening. We […]

Looking for a catsitter in Schaffhausen

8200 Schaffhausen Cat
Hallo, Leute! I'm new in Schaffhausen, and I'd need a cat lover to take care of my little tiger while I'm away on holidays or business trips. Pi is a 6 year-old rescued tabby cat who has lived in 3 countries since my partner and I rescued her in […]

I’m a cat lover and I am available to do cat sitting Catsitter I teufen or st gallen

9053 Teufen Cat
I'm looking for an experienced, cat-loving person who can look after Sinatra in 9053 Teufen. Write me a message if you think you are the right petsitter for Sinatra.

Looking for a catsitter in Chardonne

1803 Chardonne Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 1803 Chardonne with our cat Chilli. Are you interested in helping me with cat care? We are going away for 6 weeks and we need someone to take care of Chilli full time for the 6 weeks. She's a timid older cat but very […]

Catsitter needed in Clarens

1815 Clarens Cat
Dear petsitters, we live in 1815 Clarens with our cats Zuki, Sami, Simon. Are you interested in helping us with cat care? We are looking for somebody live-in when we go on vacation. Our cats are both in and outdoor cats. They come and go as they […]

URGENT: cat-sitting du 20 octobre au 5 novembre

1095 Lutry Cat
Idéalement, je cherche quelqu'un qui serait prêt à prendre ma chatte en pension chez lui/elle car elle n'aime pas être seule trop longtemps et demande de l'affection... Elle est propre, s'adapte très facilement à de nouveaux lieux et est très […]

Looking for a catsitter in St. Gallen

9008 St. Gallen Cat
Dear petsitters, I'm looking for a new friend for my sweet cat Hermes, a male neutered cat about 7 years old. I live in St. Gallen, by the St. Fiden train station. Next week I will be going out of town and am looking for someone to come by […]

Catsitter needed in Düdingen

3186 Düdingen Cat
I'm looking for an experienced, cat-loving person who can look after my 3 cats (indoor) in Düdingen. Write me a message if you think you are the right petsitter for Mini (Bengal), Spunki (Bengal), Fauchi (domestic shorthair cat). To see the cats […]